Jinda Herbs — Thai brand, which is widely known not only in Thailand, and which has earned the trust of its customers, precisely because of its Quality products. Jinda company specializes in the production of Cosmetics products, and produces only the highest quality products. Jinda Company Products FDA Certified.


Джинда Херб

  • Products of Prevention and Treatment of hair loss with real Positive results.
  • Products for the Treatment and Pain Relief for Osteochondrosis, Radiculitis, Rheumatism, Sprains and Pain in the Muscles.
  • Antibacterial Soap and Whitening Toothpastes — with natural ingredients.

Джинда ХербThe product line of Thai company Jinda is made in combination with a large share of Natural plant components. For example, the basis of the Jinda series hair-restoring extract contains an extract of the wonderful Thai plant — Baymisot, also known as Litsea Glutinosa. Baimisot is a plant that grows in the southern parts of Southeast Asia, including in the ecologically clean regions of the Kingdom of Thailand. Litseya Glutinosa activates hair growth, fights against baldness (and is very effective), eliminates dandruff, and also improves the internal structure of each individual hair. It has antibacterial, soothing, and emollient properties.

Litsea Glutinosa — Baimisot

Jinda Herb products are made according to special formulas that allow awakening sleeping follicles and hair follicles, activating their growth. Litsea Glutinosa Extract is recognized by Thai cosmetologists as an excellent Natural Hair Growth Stimulator. Jinda Herbs products based on Baymisot can be used both for Medicinal purposes and as an excellent Prevention for Hair Health.

Джинда ХербInitially, the company Jinda produced only anti-hair loss products based on Baymisot extract for specialized clinics. And since the anti-hair loss remedy Jinda Herb has established itself as a very effective product, it was decided to start releasing the Cosmetic Anti-baldness drug in wide sale. At this time, Jinda herb Shampoos in Thailand can be found in local Big C shopping centers or a network retailer 7 Eleven, as well as in the Thai Internet giant — LAZADA.

Official Distributor of Jinda Company in Russia — VamGroup Company

Джинда ХербAs it developed, the company Jinda Herb also mastered the production of Hygiene products, Whitening Toothpastes, Balms for the relief of pain in joints and muscles. The entire new Jinda product line has the Highest Quality, as well as the time-tested manufactured Shampoos and Hair Care Products. The founders of the Jinda company closely monitor the quality of their products, since this is how the Jinda company was able to gain its popularity in many countries of the world.

Carefully balanced Jinda Herbs Shampoos, Conditioners, Serums, and Hair Masks, created on the basis of Litsea Glutinosa Extract with regular use, make hair perfectly Healthy and Strong, Silky, Soft to the touch, return Thickness and rich natural Shine of curls.

Джинда ХербIn addition to Baimisot Extract (Litseya Glutinosa), Jinda Herbs specialists add other Herbal components to the composition of their Medicinal Products, which are rich in Thai flora. Such as: extracts of Aloe Vera, Ginseng, Blue Tea — Anchan (Butterfly pea), White Lotus, Jasmine, as well as Borneol, Olive Oil, Avocado, White Sweet Lupine, and other valuable Natural Substances. Provitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid) speeds up the metabolism and nourishes the hair follicles. Rice milk nourishes, moisturizes, soothes and softens the skin and hair. Stimulates blood circulation in the hair roots. Regulates the sebum, protects the scalp. Promotes the treatment and restoration of the structure of trunks of damaged hair.

Healing Power of Herbal Products Jinda Herbs

Джинда ХербThai shampoos for hair loss Jinda Herbs are equally suitable for men and women of all ages, carefully protecting and strengthening each hair, saturating the scalp with nutrients, vitamins, trace elements, providing optimal water and fat balance of tissues, as well as eliminating harmful toxins from the skin. Natural components penetrate the hair roots and trunks, improving their structure, narrowing the pores on the head, thereby fixing the roots, and also stimulating the blood microcirculation, directing the flow of healing substances directly to the hair sacs.

If hair loss in humans has been observed for a relatively long time (10 years or more), then in this case, of course, a long course of treatment with Jinda Herbs means, which can last about 9 — 12 months, will be required. If the duration of hair loss lasts 1 — 3 years, then complete restoration of the hair can be achieved in about six months of regular use of Jinda products. If the loss of curls, Seborrhea, Diseases of the scalp or weakening of curls began relatively recently, then 2 — 3 months of using natural products of Jind guarantee a stable Positive result.

Джинда Херб
Джинда ХербToday, the Thai brand Jinda Herbs is widely known in many countries of the world, the production volume and geography of supplies of the company Jinda is constantly expanding, and for an increasing number of people of the whole world there is an opportunity to get rid of the problem of hair loss in a natural and completely safe way. Numerous tests carried out confirm that Jinda shampoos, like other brand products, really successfully contribute to the restoration of healthy hair growth even in the most difficult, neglected cases. In addition to their Medicinal qualities, Jinda Shampoos possess the excellent properties of Good Shampoo, which is pleasant to use everyday.


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The real story of the formation of the popular brand of Jinda herbs Shampoo

The real story of the brand Jinda Herbs.





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